About Us

Kwon’s Wellness offers a multitude of classes for a wide range of ages. Whether your interested in the martial arts for your child or yourself, we have a program for you. You will learn self-defense, get a high intensity workout, develop flexibility and train both your mind and body is this unique, historical martial art.


Master H.Y. Kwon founded the studio in 1992 and still teaches there on an almost daily basis. He has trained in Soo Bahk Do for more than five decades and is one of only a handful of 9th degree black belts in the world. His skills are legendary.

Dr. D.K. Kwon, the studio founder’s son, is a certified Soo Bahk Do master instructor and has taught alongside his father for well over a decade. Dr. Kwon, a licensed physical therapist, recently took over ownership of the studio, renaming it Kwon’s Wellness and expanding the scope of programs available to provide an even greater focus on fitness and health. Children and adults have always been able to train in the martial arts at Kwon’s. Now they can also practice yoga and receive physical therapy and chiropractic care.


Master Esther Kwon, daughter of the studio founder and also a long-time instructor there, holds an advanced degree in teaching and has made working with children her specialty. As a certified master instructor in Soo Bahk Do, she helps kids develop strength, endurance and flexibility, as well as discipline and respect. She also has a rare ability to foster a child’s confidence and leadership skills.


Kwon’s Wellness offers a multitude of classes for many age groups from toddlers, young adults, adults, and seniors.  Come learn self-defense, get a great workout, and train both your mind and your body is this unique martial art.