Our children's program is divided into two age based categories: Rising Warrior for grades 1-2, and Next  for grades 3-6.

Teaching at Kwon's revolves around 4 Quadrants of Student Growth:

  • Emotional Skills: How a student feels about themselves
  • Social Skills: How a student behaves with others
  • Physical Ability: Student's ability to become stronger and meet physical requirements as designed by doctor of physical therapy, Dr. DK Kwon.
  • Martial Arts Technique: Student's demonstration of proper discipline in both mind and body

Our Rising and Next Warrior programs are the start of our formal martial arts training. These students not only learn punches and kicks but focus on learning the 1st of 8 concepts starting with courage. White belts are taught how to sit and stand tall, maintain eye focus, and speak loudly and clearly. This is reinforced by having children come to the front of class and lead their peers in exercises.

All of our staff are trained in the above as well as using Positive and Objective Feedback when working with students. When students do well, instructors make sure they know they are succeeding to boost their self-esteem and confidence.

Consider us a part of your team in helping your children become the best version of themselves.

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